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PHINIA is a global, market-leading premium solutions and components provider, with over 100 years of manufacturing expertise and industry relationships and a strong brand portfolio that includes DELPHI®, DELCO REMY® and HARTRIDGE®.

At PHINIA, sustainability is embedded in our values and our approach to meeting the needs of our customers, including the use of advanced technologies to explore new possibilities for internal combustion to power the transition to a cleaner tomorrow.

Across commercial vehicles and industrial applications (heavy duty and medium-duty trucks, off-highway construction, marine, aviation, and agricultural) and light vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, vans, and sport-utility), we develop fuel systems, electrical systems, and aftermarket solutions keeping vehicles and industrial applications running for longer and slowing the need for replacement parts. This approach, combined with our remanufacturing programs, support our circular model of sustainable mobility.

We are also investing in alternative fuel technologies that offer the potential for enhanced sustainability. Fuels like hydrogen, ethanol, and methanol have the power to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, and we will continue to explore and serve as leaders in the pursuit of carbon-neutral and carbon-free solutions.

PHINIA: Advancing sustainability today, to power a cleaner tomorrow.

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